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New WIA BPL Interference Advisory Service

Date : 05 / 06 / 2006
Author : Phil Wait - VK2DKN

Early April the WIA Board of Directors moved to introduce a new BPL Interference Advisory Service for Australian amateurs. This information brief explains the importance of such a service, and how the service will work.

Why a BPL Advisory Service ?

BPL trials currently operating in Australia cover small geographic areas. Very high levels of spurious emissions (ITU RR 1.145) occur within the trial area and significant spurious emission levels are detectable up to about 2km distant.

Due to the small size of the trials undertaken so far there are only a few amateurs that have been affected by interference from these BPL trials. Some of those amateurs have lodged interference reports aided by their local radio club.

More and larger BPL trials are planned for the coming year and it is expected greater numbers of radio amateurs may be adversely affected by BPL interference. It is also expected that those radio amateurs will wish to lodge interference complaints with ACMA and the BPL trial operator.

ACMA advise that they have investigated a number of complaints from radio amateurs of BPL interference, which were subsequently found to be from non-BPL related sources.

The WIA believes that the responsiveness to, and efficiency in handling of, BPL interference complaints lodged by radio amateurs will be improved if complaints undergo a technical and administrative review process prior to being lodged with ACMA and the BPL trial operator.

Visit the WIA BPL Interference Advisory Service pages on the WIA website


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