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2006 News Releases




National Contest Coordinator

Date : 04 / 10 / 2006
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

Contests are an important aspect of the WIA�s activities, and for some years Ian Godsil VK3JS, as the WIA Contest Coordinator, has promoted and coordinated the WIA contests. Ian has also contributed a regular Contest columm to the WIA�s Amateur Radio magazine.

Ian has advised the WIA Board that he now wishes to step down from this role. The WIA Board is very grateful for Ian�s long and valuable contribution to amateur radio and to the WIA, and has extended the WIA�s thanks to him.

The Board has appointed Phil Smeaton VK2BAA as National Contest Coordinator to replace Ian.

Phil has quite a history in contesting. An avid contester when living in the British Isles where Phil operated in local and international contests, Phil has worked under a string of call signs with contest teams where he has used every mode possible. Today Phil is a resident in Australia. He does not have the advantage of an antenna farm, yet still manages a high presence in many contests.

As noted in the October edition, Phil will also take over the Contest column in Amateur Radio, continuing to provide information and dates for contests.


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