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2006 News Releases




WIA Director on ABC radio

Date : 05 / 10 / 2006
Author : Robyn Edwards - VK6XRE

On Wednesday 4 October 2006 WIA Director Robyn Edwards VK6XRE promoted amateur radio and the WIA during a 15-minute appearance on the ABC Goldfields breakfast program hosted by Christina Morrissey.

The topic was really International 10.4 Day but as the program host wanted to discuss the codes used on radio Robyn was able to discuss all radio codes including Morse code, the Q code and the fact that SOS is now 100 years old.

Robyn mentioned the history of amateur or HAM radio pre-dating CB radio by approximately 70 years and that the WIA came into being only 9 years after Marconi's first trans-Atlantic communication. Having researched the 10 code, Robyn told listeners that it had been introduced in the USA in the 1930s for police department and similar agency use but has of late fallen out of favour with these agencies.

The tiers of "recreational radio" being, CB, Amateur Foundation, Standard and Advanced licences were briefly discussed, and Echo Link was demonstrated by connecting to a repeater in Kent, England and listening to its identification introduction.

The WIA web site and a local contact number were also mentioned.


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