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2006 News Releases




New 40m broadcast channel for VK4

Date : 11 / 10 / 2006
Author : Glen Dunstan - VK4DU

"The 7 MHz WIA news broadcast channel for southern VK4 will be shifted in frequency from 7118 kHz into the new broadcast segment at 7130 kHz" WIA Director, Glenn Dunstan VK4DU said.

"This change is in accordance with the new WIA 40 meter band plan. It also removes the interference caused by the PNG broadcast station on 7120 kHz." Glenn said.

The new VK4 channel will take effect from the 22nd of October broadcast. The VK5 and VK6 broadcasters have already shifted into the new segment, which runs from 7130-7150. Of course, VK2WI has been transmitting at 7146 kHz for many years.


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