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2006 News Releases




1,000 Successful "F" Call Candidates

Date : 14 / 10 / 2006
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

On Wednesday 19 October 2005 the Determination made by the Australian Communications and Media Authority amending the Amateur Licence Conditions Determination became the law and from that moment the Foundation licence existed in Australia.

On 29 September 2006, just 3 weeks short of a year from the coming into force of the new licence structure, the WIA issued the 1,000th certification of qualification for an Amateur Operator Certificate of Proficiency (Foundation).

That figure of 1,000 qualifications broken down by states and territories is as follows:

 Australian Capital Territory - 38
 New South Wales - 277
 Victoria - 353
 Queensland - 87
 South Australia - 111
 Western Australia - 50
 Tasmania - 74
 Northern Territory - 10

A year ago, over 70 people had qualified as WIA Assessors. Today there are 141 WIA Assessors and 15 Nominated Assessors across the country.

And so in the year the number of Assessors has doubled.

The WIA has identified the 1,000th successful candidate, and will be contacting him in the next few days.

WIA President, Michael Owen VK3KI said today "I believe the Foundation licence has been successful in Australia. It has increased, in a year, the total number of amateurs by around 1,000. It has introduced new people into amateur radio, and into the clubs and the WIA membership has grown significantly. And the fact that there are significant differences in the number of successful candidates in different states means that a real opportunity exists for us to attract a further 1,000 new "F" calls in the next year."


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