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2006 News Releases




June Fox

Date : 16 / 10 / 2006
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

June Fox died peacefully on 15 October 2006.

For many people June was the friendly, cheerful voice on the phone who was the WIA.

June worked with the WIA for 18 years until she retired in July 2005. She was originally employed as a bookkeeper, a task that she continued throughout her career, but later took more general responsibilities, and many know her for disseminating information and organising the Conventions and other meetings that were part of the federal WIA.

She always maintained a calm exterior and a cheerful approach and had an unending capacity to find the piece of paper that was needed at the time.

When announcing her retirement last year WIA President Michael Owen VK3KI acknowledged that he had wondered how she would react to the new WIA structure and the new requirements, but said that he had found that she was completely supportive, and did everything she could to assist the change and to make it a success.

Many members contributed to a gift for June when she retired, which had enabled her to visit Darwin, where she had lived for a period before joining the WIA.

June�s unfailing courtesy and her cheerful contribution to amateur radio over the years will long be remembered.

The WIA extends its condolences to her daughter Lauretta (who on occasions also been a member of the WIA team) and her brother Earle Russell VK3BER


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