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2006 News Releases




East Gippsland Club Receives Grant

Date : 26 / 10 / 2006
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

The East Gippsland Amateur Radio Club Inc. is one of the smallest WIA affiliated clubs in Australia with, at the moment, 13 financial members.

But over 80% are WIA members.

The club's primary interest has been the establishment and maintenance of three permanently linked 2-meter repeaters between Nowa Nowa and Mallacoota near the New South Wales border, with a central repeater at Mt. Cann.

Because the existing solar and wind driven power system was unable to maintain operation during the winter months in 2005 two 48 watt 12 volt solar panels were installed at the Mt Cann site.

However, these were stolen before they were properly installed and the club applied for a grant under the WIA Club Grant Scheme, seeking a grant of $500, on the basis that the club would raise the remaining $350 to replace the stolen solar panels.

The Grant Committee recommended to the WIA Board a grant of $500, saying �The committee considered this a worthy project, particularly because of its wide coverage.� The Board accepted the recommendation.

At its meeting on 22 October 2006 in Bairnsdale, WIA President Michael Owen VK3KI met the club and presented the WIA cheque for $500 to club President Joy Brand, Secretary Bob Neal VK3ZAN and Club Treasurer Peter Brand VK3BPB.

The Club is adamant that their first task when they install the new solar panels this time is to ensure that they cannot be easily stolen again.


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