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Melbourne Electronics And Radio Club



Welcome to MERC.

We are an amateur radio and electronics enthusiasts club located in Travancore, about 5km north-west of the Melbourne CBD.

The club caters for all ages and levels of experience, whether licenced radio amateurs or not.

If you're interested in obtaining or upgrading your amateur radio licence, MERC is able to help. We have two WIA-qualified assessors who can assist you in studying and preparing for your exam. You can of course sit your exam at the club, when you feel you're ready. Licence examinations are held at the club as needed.


Under normal circumstances, MERC meets every Friday night.

These are not normal times. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, MERC are currently between locations and will suspend physical meetings until further notice. Please refer to our webstite for further information as we explore options for radio nets and online meet-ups.

Club Activities & Events

Current projects include:

- Antenna construction
- Foundation licence training
- Weekly meetings

Our repeater is located at Mt. Gisborne on 438.450Mhz with a CTCSS tone of 91.5Hz. There is almost always someone on the repeater so feel free to jump on and say hello!

Melbourne Electronics And Radio Club Meeting Location

Training Courses And Assessment Information

All classes of amateur radio licence exams and upgrades.

Upcoming Courses and Assessments

Please contact the club Learning Organiser via the details below.

Training And Assessment Contact

Club training course coordinator

Mike Adams VK3KMA
Phone : 0438 721 337
Email :

Club Contact Details

Melbourne Electronics And Radio Club
Phone : 0438 721 337
Email :


Stuart Hedditch VK3STU
Email :

Neil Wilson VK3IG
Email :

John Chenoweth VK3ZX
Phone : 0401 716 069
Email :


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